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Philip Moran. Guitarist, composer, teacher.
Hasta Mañana

Hasta Mañana (Spanish for “See you tomorrow”) is a celebration of the dynamic, culturally rich Latin American genre. It seeks to strike a tenuous balance between intellectually artistic music and the authenticity and vivacity of popular music, which Latin American guitar has mastered.


Price $25.00 (AU)

Phil Moran guitar series

Sheet music from the Phil Moran Guitar Series:

 Original compositions for solo guitar  Price  
 Memories of Spain  $12.00
 Hasta Mañana  $12.00
 Esther's Lullaby  $12.00
 Arrangements for solo guitar (In Preparation) Price  
 I. Albeniz - Tango  TBA  
 M. Ponce - Estrellita TBA  
 Arrangements for flute & guitar (Available 2011) Price  
 J. S. Bach - Flute Sonata No. 4 in C major (BWV 1033) TBA  
 W. A. Mozart - Flute Sonata No. 5 in C major (K 14) TBA  

All sheet music professionally typeset & printed on quality 210 gsm card.

All prices in Australian dollars.

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